Work Environment

Our office:

Nicely located in a small villa in Allach -Munich, which is about 15- 20 min away from the city center of Munich with the S-bahn. The S-bahn station is only 5 min from the office (foot distance). Also several supermarkets and shops are nearby. If you want to go for a run before or after work you can do it in the Allacher forest.  In the summer, several close-by lakes can tempt you for a quick swim during lunchtime or a short volleyball game on one of the fields next to the lake ''Landwieder See'' 

In the summer we can sit outside on our terrace and enjoy the sun while working. At lunchtime we cook together and eat either in our kitchen or if the weather allows it, outside. The garden is also a nice place for Barbeques in the evening. Additionally, for refreshment on hot balmy days, we have a small swimming pool in the garden.   
Our garden

Work athmosphere:

If you enter the office you first might think it looks like at home in your living room. Yes, it is REALLY familiar. The biggest office is our customer and marketing support department. Then we have two other smaller IT offices, a small conference room and a big kitchen. All these rooms are located on the first floor, on the second floor we provide an apartment to employees who need an accommodation. This apartment contains 6 different  shared bedrooms. Furthermore, we provide another apartment with 2 bedrooms in Karlsfeld, about 6km from the office. 

The employees:

We have at the moment, in total, nine permanent employees. Three are working for the IT department, four for the marketing and customer support and two for the accounting department. Besides these fixed employees, we always host 2 to 6 interns for the IT as well as for the marketing or customer support department. It is an international mixed team of people from different countries who are working close together in a team. Teamwork is one of the most important aspects for us. 

Working with friends and grow together! We believe that only as a solid team we can reach the highest results to success.

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