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Why are you working for BR?

We are always curious what people are thinking about us. We take as much care of our customers as we do towards our employees. That's why we organize feedback moments during your stay as well as a personal questionnaire after your work-period for BlumenRiviera. We collected here some reviews from former interns and employees:

"BlumenRiviera was/is a good starting point for my career since the concepts dealing daily at work are going to be met also in the future. It fullfilled my expectations providing me a perfect working environment, fully equiped and with great support by the supervisor. The technologies used for project management helped me to discover new ways of managing my personal time and improve my professional skills." 
Ilias Trichopoulos, IT Intern, 2012/ '13

"The tools and technologies used are really up to date and so I hope I will be able to work with the same kind of tools in the futur. As I hope beiing able to bring my own ideas would also be the case in my futur job I think it's a good preparation to do it in a environment like Blumen Riviera where everything can be changed, modified, corrected pretty quickly. I think internships are a great way to gain work experience so if you look for an experience in a startup like environment
BlumenRiviera is perfect for that.
Samuel Veya. IT Intern, 2012/ '13

"From the first day it was obvious that this internship was going to be really demanding. Finally it proved that it was a great choice, as the challenges that forced and the things that I've learned  definitely  made me a better programmer and also improved my character in all levels. It is the experience of my life. The fact that I am living in another country, with people from all over the world and co-operating with all of them, has changed me radically. 
George Georgopoulos, IT Intern, 2013

How would you describe BR in 3 sentences?
"-  A driven and dynamic company, where everyone is interested in the tasks and ideas of one another.-A company without any limit, constantly encouraging new innovative and creative ideas with the best solution regarding the customer.- A friendly and familiar atmosphere in a well-equiped work space/accommodation, feeling like a second home for interns."

Quentin Magnette, Marketing Intern, 2013

More reviews can be found on the portal Kununu.

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