It's all about Teamwork.

We love to share experiences at work and also besides working. That's why we always organize great activities to grow closer together as a team.

We combine sportive activities together with our work. We always try to improve ourselves and want to reach a high level in what we are doing. Our motto: "We are only good as long as we keep improving"

And after such a nice and exhausting team building day  we enjoy cooking and eating together. This is something which we for example do on an everyday basis during lunchtime. We love food - especially Italian food - but are also always open to discover new international recipes. At Blumenriviera we enjoy our time together. 

We give particular attention to these enjoyable moments together. As we well know, the greatest ideas often come up during lunchtime or during some team building events. 

Also in Italy we have several events to grow together as a team. We go on biking or hiking tours to explore the landscape and discover new places for our customers. 

Gokart Event:

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